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Zeylanica/Journal of South Asian Natural History > Volume 4 Number 1

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    Britz, R. & M. Kottelat.

    Carinotetraodon imitator, a new freshwater pufferfish from India (Teleostei - Tetraodontiformes)
  • File

    Chia, D.G.B. & P.K.I. Ng.

    A note on the sea cucumber crab, Hapalonotus reticulatus (Crustacea- Brachyura- Eumedonidae)
  • File

    Dubois, A.

    Invited editorial Book review — South Asian Amphibia, a new frontier tor taxonomists
  • File

    Kottelat, M. & K.E. Witte.

    Two new species of Microrasbora from Thailand and Myanmar, with two new generic names for small Southeast Asian cyprinid fishes (Teleostei - Cyprinidae)
  • File

    Maxumdar (Saha), A. & P.K. Chaudhuri.

    Strepsipteran insects of the genus Tridactylophagus Subramaniam from India (Strepsiptera - Halictophagidae)
  • File

    Ng, H.H., P.K.L. Ng & R. Britz.

    Channa harcpurtbutleri (Annandale, 1918) - a valid species ot snakehead (Perciformes, Channidae) from Myanmar
  • File

    Ng, P.K.L. & M. Takeda.

    Notes on the taxonomy of two species of swimming crabs, Charybdis smithii MacLeay, 1838, and C. omanensis Leene, 1938 (Crustacea- Pecapoda- Brachyura: Portunidae) from the Indian Ocean
  • File

    Pethiyagoda, R.

    The Family de Alwis Seneviratne of Sri Lanka- pioneers in biological illustration
  • File

    Rajkumar, S.D., Manickam, V.S. & M. Arunachalam.

    Unusual frond development in the sensitive fern Bolbitis x prolifera (Bory) C. chr. and Tardieu-Blot. (Lomariopsidaceae)
  • File

    Randall, J.E.

    Paracheilinus attenuatus, a new labrid fish from the western Indian Ocean, with a redescription of P. piscilineatus
  • File

    Tan, H.H.

    Rasbora vulcanus, a new species of cyprinid fish from central Sumatra
  • File

    Varghese, A.O. and K. Balasubramanvan.

    Structure, composition and diversity ot the tropical wet evergreen forest of the Agasthyamalai Region of Kerala, Western Ghats
  • File

    de Silva, M.

    Group size, sex ratio and seasonalitv of the sambar (cereus unicolor) of the Yala Protected Area Complex, Sri Lanka