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Research Highlights draws attention to significant papers relevant to Sri Lanka published in the international literature, focusing especially on biodiversity but also on other disciplines including sociology, medicine, history and economics. To access the paper on which each highlight is based, click on the reference at the end. For instructions on RSS feeds see here. 

Research Highlights:

New frogs from the Peak Wilderness

A tale of two sea snakes

Translocating problem elephants = translocating elephant problems

The Stone Age lifestyle at Batadomba-lena

Now: Risidra Mendis’s attack against Anslem de Silva

This follows on my letter of 27 February 2013 to Risidra Mendis of the newspaper 'Ceylon Today', which should be read first (here) for context. In the wake of that letter, Ms Mendis had promised that she would “be responding to the email sent by Rohan Pethiyagoda soon” but to date (20 April) there hasn’t been a hum from her. She had also justified her shameful attack on Dr van der Poorten with the statement “It is very interesting to see people like … Rohan P defending a person who has openly violated the law”. In this article I comment on another attack launched by Ms Mendis against another respected Sri Lankan scientist and also discuss her personal code of ethics. It might interest readers to discover who it was that has “violated the law”.